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The Banishment of Adlet
Adlet is a hybrid creature, half human-half dog, who traveled to the Land of Dogs. At first the Dogs seemed amiable, but soon Adlet felt humiliated, and eventually he was banished from the Land of Dogs, by a group of Dogs.
The Museum to Come
The Museum to Come is a book I produced, edited, and designed, in which three contemporary Israeli critical scholars (among them Prof. Ariella Azoulay of Brown University) discuss the future of the museum, based on Jacques Derrida’s concept of the democracy to come.
A seminar featuring myself and the three writers and based on the book was part of the MFA lecture series in Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Air Trance 16
Eight Pages or More is a collaborative work of MA students in the Storytelling department at Konstfack and famed graphic designer Irma Boom. I took part in the workshop, with my project based on the poem "Air Trance 16" by contemporary American surrealist writer Ben Marcus. The text is built on unconventional principles, surplus of metaphors and abstract imaginative language.
Calculating the Price of Exile
In 2009, the year marking the tenth anniversary of my exile, I started working on this project about longing for home. I was then based in Stockholm, Sweden. I began by keeping a diary, which eventually I summarized into a memoir-type text. The diary and memoir were the inspiration for a film comparing my cultural experiences and observations. From the gendered-female perspective, I explored three identities from three countries I lived in: Georgia, Sweden and Israel.
The film is located inside the sculpture; the observers can place their heads within the head to watch the film, interpolated into performing the impossibility of complete identification.
An Archive of My Own
An Archive of My Own is the product of a research project in Georgian Jewish History, which I conducted during the fellowship program at the Prins Foundation for Artists and Writers in Residence, New York.
For An Archive of My Own I created, following Virginia Woolf, a personal study: a room of my own. A wooden table, a chair, a lamp, and an indoor plant form a homelike atmosphere. On the table, a large picture book and an essay await the visitor. The picture book includes screen-prints inspired by the archival material. By defying common notions of archive and research, I attempt to sustain the point of view of an artist in historical investigation as well as to acknowledge and address my own history as a Georgian Jew who grew up during the last years of the Soviet Union.
Diary of Exile
Eighty pages of drawings. This is a visual examination of otherness: persons trying to keep a balance while adjusting, re-learning how to live the everyday while not forgetting who they are, mourning what has been lost and struggling to enjoy the potentiality of gaining something new.
One Minute Before the Panic
Before moving to North America (August 2012) I was part of the residency program at the Jerusalem Print Workshop. I worked there on a limited edition of thirty seven silk print books titled “One Minute Before the Panic”. This title depicted my state before another move from country to country. As a reflection on fears and uncertainty, I confronted representations of fear and concerns from an impending catastrophe as it lurks about within a comfortable bourgeois setting. Those prints are not a documentation of the different situations of catastrophe, or images of fear; rather, they are pseudo-documentations of situations of safety, serenity and the moment before the panic. They are, in a way, an attempt at displaying the absence of the image of the Freudian Uncanny in its very omnipresence.
Limited edition of artists books, Published by Jerusalem Print Workshop 2012.
The King Announced
A story of war, depicting the nuances that haven't changed from the Middle Ages till today: patriarchy and gender power-relations, the masses, the appeal of an abusive father-figure leader, and the pointless play of violence. The story is a sarcastic portrayal of aggression, consumption and a (seemingly) happy ending.
Bookieman is an independent publishing house I established in 2009. We publish limited editions of artist books (illustration, photography, and more), critical theory books, poetry and prose, and organize exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and combinations of all parts of all of these. Our books are hand-made and bound.
Bookieman started during my MFA studies in Sweden, following classes of entrepreneurship and business management at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Bookieman functions for me as a creative home through my various transitions and life phases, and it also allows me to cooperate with artists and thinkers from a variety of disciplines and from numerous countries. In Bookieman, I function as an art director, editor, producer, and as an artist. So far, Bookieman published four books, each a collaborative work with artists and/or writers, examining issues such as illustrated representations of childhood memories, home as a concept, the future of the museum, and more.
Designated area, a space in which one can potentially grow and develop, is the idea of a collaboration project (initiated by Gosia Machon) between five artists from Germany and Israel.
The case including 5 brochures (indigo print). In my Habitat I was aiming to explore the personal space, territorial context and subjective sensation within and around it. The project was funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, was presented at the Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art. In September 2013 the Habitat will be presented at Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift Hamburg, Germany.
Journal of Absence
Journal of Absence: New York City, February–June, 2013 is the collaborative project with writer Oded Na’aman.
The Journal consists of nineteen micro-stories written on the basis of nineteen art visits, among which are: a visit to the Frick Collection exhibition of Piero della Francesca; studio visits in Bushwick and at the Brooklyn Army Terminal; a visit to Rebecca Chamberlain’s show at Dodge Gallery; a visit to Acconci Studio; and a visit to Printed Matter, Inc. (In total: 12 art shows, 4 artists’ studios, 1 art bookstore, 1 art dealer, and 1 print shop. The nineteen micro-stories form nineteen entries in a journal of absence, where text takes the place of art.